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From: angelo caduto
Subject: Fellatio Trail VThe next day I was awaken by my mother ...She told me that Jimmy was here."I have to go to work, I'll see you tonight," she said and kissed me on the
cheek. There was a pause and I thought she had left, but mom grabbed my
blankets, pulling them off the bed and said, "Get up and play with Jimmy."Naturally I had a hard-on, I had to take a piss. I went into the bathroom
and went through my normal routine of trying to pee, without splashing all
over the place.I arranged my penis as best as I could and went to see what was up with
Jimmy.Jimmy was in the living room, looking out the window. When I walked in, he
turned around with a big smile...almost as big as the erection he had. Even
though he had his shorts on, there was a lump pushing out."Hi," he said. It was funny. Yesterday I didn't think he ever wanted to talk
to me and now he was like a dog in heat in my living room."Jimmy, what is the deal?" I asked him. "Were you like that when my mom was
here?""What?" he asked, but by the way he readjusted his shorts I knew he knew
what I was talking about."Did my mom see your penis....like that?" I asked."I don't think so," he said, hedging. "After yesterday in the basement all I
could think about was...well you know what you did."So my blowjob had him (no pun intended) coming back for more. I felt kind of
arrogant. Jimmy clearly wanted another blowjob. I wondered how badly.I walked over to him and joked, point my finger against is shorts, "this
looks kind of uncomfortable.""Hey," he said giggling. "what are you doing."We got into a little wrestling match, when I started to pull his shorts
down."Not in front of the window," he said grabbing ahold of me, but he wasn't
strong enough to stop me. Instead, he just fell to the floor as I tugged on
his shorts. He laid on the floor laughing.. "no...."But as he was saying now, his cock was saying 'yes yes'After getting his pants down past his penis, I stood up and asked: "What do
you want."Jimmy was about to pull up his pants, but stopped. "I want you to do what
you did yesterday.""What?" I taunted him."Um...to suck my dick," he admitted.Laying there on the floor, with his shorts around his thighs and his erect
penis defying gravity, Jimmy was looking back to me with hope in his eyes.
It is that kind of desire that pre teen lola bbs I was learning I could cash in lolitas college real pics on."What do I get out of it?" I asked. I was hoping he would offer to suck me
off, but everything was negotiable.Jimmy sat there thinking and I took my bare foot and rubbed his cock. It
made him shift a little and probably upped the ante."How about my Monkee's lunch box?" he asked.That was a decent offer. That lunch box was a big hit last year and sure
beat the heck out of my plaid lunch box. I was thinking I would suck him
twice for that lunch box, but I played it cool."Maybe," I said touching his penis with my foot again. "but I didn't get
anything yesterday.""What else?" he asked"I don't know," he said, lifting his hips against my foot."I have an idea, come with me," I said and walked back to my room and Jimmy
quickly followed."Take your clothes off and lay down on the bed," I told him. Jimmy was naked
in a second. I closed my bedroom door and took great lolitas bbs list off my horse head p.j.s. My
penis was still erect from my piss hard-on"What are you doing?" he asked."It's called '69' I saw it in my parent's book," I told him and straddled
his head with my knees. I bent over to his cock and added, "You do me, while
I do you."Jimmy didn't say 'no,' so I knew he would participate. Reaching between my
legs I pushed my penis back, so he could take it in is mouth. His lips were
awkward, but warm and exciting.I took his cock in my hand and instructed him, "Swirl your tongue, like
this," and I swallowed his penis.I tongued him as I wanted him to tongue me and he reciprocated.I quickly bobbed my head up and down twice, then once slow and Jimmy did the
same to me. I realized he was going to do what I did, like 'simon sez.'
Jimmy was very dutiful in following my lead. It was like I was giving myself
a blowjob and I was able to use Jimmy's lips to great lolitas bbs list
work me near an orgasm.Jimmy had my hips twitching and thrusting, but he kept sucking me as I
sucked him. It was too good and I started to come. At my first squirt, Jimmy
pushed my cock out of his mouth and I comed on his neck."That was fun," I said."Don't stop," Jimmy said, so I stated to suck him again.I bobbed my head up and down and made love to his cock. He www littlelolita pic com was enjoying it
and making little whimpering sounds. I reached between his legs, like I had
seen in the book and put my finger on his butthole."oh," was Jimmy's response. It seemed like he was surprised, but he didn't
say any more. It was too dry to penetrate, but I pushed for a little bit
while sucking his cock.I spit on my index finger and was able to push it into Jimmy."Oh oh," he said and I thought I had hurt him, but then I felt his cock gush
sperm. At the same time his butthole was vibrating around my finger. Unlike
Jimmy, I swallowed.
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